Rhea simon presents, inc.

  Meeting & event management



Professional photographers capture 

the essence of the event.


Faculty, senior management, and 

key-opinion leaders are captured on video for archives, training sessions, & webinars.

audio systems

​​Quality sound is paramount to ensure a successful presentation.

staging and design

Memorable designs are created

to inspire your themed event.

lighting enhancements

Lighting creates the scenario and conveys messages or highlights branding.

audience response systems

 Survey results can be  immediately 

tabulated throughout the meetings. 

Our network of technology professionals...

mobile apps

Take your event to the next technology level with a mobile app, which features agendas, ratings, surveys, venue layouts, calendars, QR codes, and sponsorship advertising.

video projection

 Your message or branding is

effectively and impressively 

communicated to your delegates.


Foster engagement, education, retention

or entertainment with

pre-, during-, and/or post-event participation.