meeting logistics

  The team seamlessly navigates meeting details to ensure accuracy and outcomes, and assures the complete well-being of your meeting attendees.


   Web-based systems allow for growth, flexibility, detailed reporting, and onsite facilitation.

 Contract negotiations


We consistently provide a savings of real dollars with value-added concessions, upgrades, rebates, sponsorships, brand, or in-kind incentives.

healthcare compliance


 Meeting professionals understand

the healthcare compliance environment

and assist with the best practices

for your medical meetings.

Our core network of meeting professionals provides:

  Production elements

Communicate your message with

cutting-edge, audio-visual tools...

lighting, projection, audio, and branding.

   travel arrangements

   Travel Directors move your meeting and attendees in the right direction from 

points A to B or C.

        venue sourcing 

   Our professional meeting strategists provide thoughtful and concise site selection and analysis based on your goals, budget, and expectations.

        on-site staffing

Our team of professionals orchestrates

the on-site meeting details with the coordinated effort of our team vendors.

Rhea simon presents, inc.

  Meeting & event management


     Analysis & Strategy

   Cost efficiencies, balanced budgets and managing expectations are all part of our strategic meeting management.